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Magical Makeovers For Moms

But it is important to take time out to look after yourself. Not only does it help improve your appearance physically, but the psychological benefits of taking a few minutes to focus on your own needs are immeasurable. So for moms on a budget with a bit time, try simple top-to-toe tips that rely on using items you may already have in your fridge or cupboard.

Better yet, they take only a few minutes to do!

An important point:

The Patch Test

If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, it is helpful to test if you have any sensitivity to the ingredients used. To try out a homemade cosmetic, make a paste of the ingredients with water and apply to your forearm in an area about the size of a one Rand coin. Let the paste dry there and apply a loose band-aid. If there is no reaction within twenty-four hours, go ahead and use the recipe.