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Parent - baby - car safety

Baby Car Safety

Kids love to get out and about and explore new places, so make sure you do your own exploring too. Try to assess your surroundings for the safety of your child, wherever you are. For example, where are the emergency exits from the indoor play centre or how would you get out of a bus in an emergency?

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Parent - safety equipment - baby

Baby Safety Equipment

Here are a few ideas on what baby safety equipment to look for when setting up your baby's room and the toys they play with.

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Parent - child car saftey

Child car safety FAQs

Child safety within a car is vital, however sometimes it may be overwhelming and confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions about car safety for your child.

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Parent - emergancy first aid - baby

Emergency first aid

Not everyone has the chance to attend a First Aid course before they are forced to use it to help someone – so we have compiled you another chart of quick actions you could take to save someone’s life. But it is advisable, before studying the information contained in the chart, to have completed a first aid course, since you may need to use those techniques in one of the following situations.

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Parent - first aid courses - baby

First aid courses

Family and Friends First Aid for Children courses are offered throughout South Africa by St John Ambulance:

Family and Friends First Aid for Children

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Kids first aid

Kids First Aid

Your baby may be changing in their facial appearance, from having less of a newborn look to developing more unique characteristics. Your own genetic influence, as well as your partner's, may be very obvious in some of baby's features.

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Parent - protection - baby - car

Protecting your most precious asset

How the regulations regarding safety belts and car seat restraint affect your family

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Parent - restain - babyseat

Restrain the right way

A new little person has entered the world and into your life. It's an exciting experience for most, although the new routines can feel almost overwhelming at times. Therefore, it's a good idea to plan well in advance for that first journey home.

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Parent - emergancy numbers - SA

South African emergency numbers

Emergency phone numbers in South Africa

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Parent - stroller safety - baby

Stroller Safety

When looking at strollers for your baby, there are certain things you should take into consideration:

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Parent - baby expenses

Baby expenses

First of all, I think credit card meltdown permeates the extended family. Beyond the major pregnancy expenses of cots, prams, home renovation, toys and car seats – plenty of money gets spent on maternity tops, breast pumps, car parking at hospitals, Winnie the Pooh material and things I never thought of before.

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Celebrating Fathers Day

Celebrating Fathers Day

Father's Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the important relationship between your child and their dad.

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Parent - cost of having a baby

Cost of having a baby

Can I afford this? The financial audit.

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“We are having a baby!” These five simple, little words can raise the blood pressure of almost any living, breathing male on the planet. In fact these innocent words ignite an even bigger reaction than “we need to talk”. No matter how the news is broken, this is just the beginning.

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Parent - friends - baby

Parents and friends

Some of the best times I can remember are with my oldest mates – watching rugby, re-telling all those well-worn war stories and jokes until the wee hours of the morning. Those boerewors rolls never tasted so good as at 2am.

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Parent - partner support

Partner support

Many or most of us do not know what nesting means in the pregnancy terms. Huggies has your answer. Know everything about nesting here and let all know.

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Parent - sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Some of the worst time for sleep is in the first few weeks and months after bringing the new baby home.

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Parent - Saty at home dad

Stay home dads

Back in 1987, South African parents flocked to the cinema to watch Three Men and a Baby - a Hollywood film about three bachelors who suddenly become primary care-givers. The film was a comedy, mostly concerned with the men's lack of experience in things like changing nappies. As is often the case, entertainment usually mirrors changes happening in the real world...

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Parent - working mom - business resources

Business Resources

Huggies® South Africa proudly supports “Momtrepreneurs” and all parents who have or are looking to start up their own businesses.

Feel free to browse our Resources for “Moms in Business” for helpful information and tips that will guide you through the initial phases of starting your own business. You’ll learn How to Write a Business Plan, receive tips on How to Name a Business and discover the ins and outs of Setting Up a Business.

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Parent - working mom - clothes

Clothes For Work

“What we express visually, verbally and emotionally will be mirrored to us by the world.”

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Parent - working mom - exfoliant


Remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin with our DIY exfoliant recipe.

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Parent - working mom - facials


For normal to dry skin, we have a good DIY facial for you.

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Parent - working mom - haircair

Hair care

Create your own hair mask.

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Parent - working mom - naming

How to name a business

Naming your business can be one of the more fun parts of the start-up process. A good business name can make a good product or service into a great one. The business name will ideally communicate what you do and connect with your intended customers, all the while remaining unique, catchy and easy to remember. Simple!

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Parent - working mom - business website

How to set up a website

If you're confused by the mysterious inner workings of cyberspace, you'll be amazed by how easy it is to set up your own business website. Just follow our simple guide and you too will be up and racing on the information superhighway.

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Parent - woriking mom - businessplan

How to write a business plan

A brand new, money-making business idea is enough to send you into a creative frenzy and charging full-steam ahead with implementation. It is thanks to this same enthusiasm that so many ideas come into fruition and eventually, with hard work and dedicated passion, become successful enterprises. Before jumping in over your head though, it is important to cover the basics - like your business plan.

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Parent - jobs for moms

Jobs For Mothers

Despite a national skills shortage, finding flexible working conditions can still be a challenge. Luckily, many moms who want to return to the workforce after the birth of their children, have the option of applying for a part-time job as there are employers who want your skills and experience, even if it's only for half a day.

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Parent - working mom - makeover

Magical Makeovers For Moms

Motherhood usually brings many wonderful rewards, but one drawback is often the dip in income, coupled with a distinct lack of time to look after yourself. Pampering treats such as pedicures and haircuts become wistful memories from days gone by.

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Parent - make up tricks

Make up tricks for moms

Whether you're pregnant, a new mom, or mom to a few little ones, it often seems simpler to skip putting on any make-up in order to save time and energy during the day. For many moms, applying some make-up is a positive way to help them feel better about themselves, especially at a time when the large proportion of their lives is devoted solely to caring for others. So what are some simple tips and tricks?

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Parent - working mom - mani pedi

Manicure and pedicure

You finally have some down time, why not create your own manicure and pedicure at home.

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Parent - working mom - market research

Market Research Methods

You've come up with what you believe is a sure-fire idea for a business. Your friends and family agree. So therefore it must be a stellar idea! Unfortunately, gut instinct, passion and the enthusiastic support of those near and dear aren't always enough to guarantee success or protect you from potential risks.

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Parent - working mom - marketing

Marketing Your Product

There has never been a better time to market a new small business. The Internet, especially blogs and social media platforms, makes it easy and cheap to spread the word about your business, no matter what industry you're in.

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Parent - working mom - masks


Your skin feeling tired and you have some time to spare, why not create a DIY face mask.

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Parent - working mom - blogging

Mom Bloggers and Social Media For Business

Online blogs and social media such as Facebook and Twitter are incredibly powerful marketing tools that no new business can afford to ignore. If you're not yet up to speed with these awesome communication platforms, and their unlimited scope for finding and winning customers, then it's time to jump on the bandwagon.

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Parent - working mom - back to work

Mothers Returning To Work

Deciding on the right form of childcare for your child is every parent’s nightmare. From the moment the little cherubs enter our lives we’re wracked with guilt about whether we are doing the right thing. Choosing childcare either because we’re returning to work or just because we need a break is fraught with this same guilt.

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Parent - working mom - working from home

Mothers Working From Home

Working from home is something most of us would love to do. Being able to work part-time and structure work around your family is so appealing. Current skills shortages combined with globalisation and technological advances are changing the mindsets of organisations about working flexibly. Flexible work options such as part-time work, job sharing, flexi-hours, telecommuting and working from home are becoming more prevalent in organisations.

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Parent - working mom - idea protection

Protecting your idea

You no sooner have a great idea when someone tries to steal it from you. Or claim that it was their idea first and you stole it from them. Or perhaps they were in the room when you thought of it, so that makes them a co-owner.

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Parent - working mom - prototype design

Prototype design

A prototype is an early sample or a model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a prototype must speak 10 000! Which means a prototype of your new product is a must-have when developing and explaining your big idea.

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Parent - working mom - register a business

Registering a business name

Once you've been through the process of Naming your Business, you'll be ready to take the next step - registering your business name.

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Parent - working mom - starting a business

Setting up a business

Congratulations! You've been inspired to set up your own small business and be mistress of your own destiny. It's an exciting time – and it can be fun, too, if you know what to do, how and when to do it, and what pitfalls to watch out for.

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Parent - working mom - business finance

Small business finance

The million-Rand question for every aspiring business person is nearly always, “Where do I find the money to get my great idea off the ground?”

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Parent - working mom - eyebrrows

Tweezing your eyebrows

Sure, you probably tweeze your brows all the time but if you're feeling a little unpractised here are some tips.

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What Skin Care Products Do Moms Need

What Skin Care Products Do Moms Need

These days it is much easier for moms and moms-to-be to care for their skin during, and after, pregnancy. But it is easy to get overwhelmed with the different types of products available and struggle to decide what is really necessary. And that’s before you even start to consider all the different brands. We’ve discovered what it is you really need, irrespective of which brand you buy, and interestingly the magic four products includes the sugar in your kitchen cupboard!

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Parent - working mom - family

Work And Family

You thought your life was already full and every day was busy, but now you've returned to the paid workforce and somehow there are never enough hours in the day! Kids sleeping late is no longer a blessing, the morning pace is frantic and getting dinner ready at the end of a work day takes military planning and precision.

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Parent - working mom - work flexibility

Work Flexibility Quiz

There has been a great deal of publicity and information around working from home - integrating your work and home life. Is this something that interests you? If so, then read on to determine whether you are actually a suitable candidate for moving forward with working from home.

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Parent - working mom - working from home

Working From Home Moms

Are you one of the many women inspired by being a mother and spending time at home with the kids? Maybe this is the first time you've had space to think creatively and strategically about starting your own business.

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new parent - caffine

Effects of caffine

When drunk in moderation, for most of us caffeine is harmless and can even have benefits. However, keep an eye on your intake and that of your children – whether it is green tea or chocolate.

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new parent - healthy eating

Can quick foods be healthy food

Well, some would say emphatically “no”, but let’s be real about this. It’s all very well to say: eat organic, eat slowly, use whole foods and fresh produce, when in reality many of us just simply don’t have the time, money or inclination to do that. We are too exhausted after a day with the kids or don’t have the energy at 9 o’clock at night after a full day of work to slave over the stove. But does this mean we are left fearing for our nutrition and health?

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new parent - stay at home

Healthy lifestyle tips for new parents

Top tips to help you feel better every day:

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new parent - lifestyle tips

Looking After Yourself

All your energy and focus is on your newborn right now, and that's the way nature intended it to be. But remember, it is also important to take time to look after your own health and well-being as a new parent. Sleep deprivation and stress can take their toll. Making time for yourself is essential to staying sane and making sure you are the best parent you can be!

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new parent - sugar facts

Sugar facts

Do you remember when fat was given a bad rap? When we were led to believe that getting rid of all fat from our diet was the best for us? Now it turns out that we need almost all kinds of fat, yes, even saturated fat for good health (albeit in small amounts). Well, you have to ask, is sugar the next baddie to steer clear of? Well, let's takes a look at the nutritional facts on sugar.

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Parent - lonelyness - coping

Coping When Your Partner Is Away

As the high-pitched wail went up yet again from her toddler son Khaled's room, Sara turned over wearily in bed. The other side was empty. Her husband Omar had gone on a three-week stint away from home to work at the mine. As usual, Khaled was making his displeasure with the upheaval clear.

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new parent - friendships

Friendships after baby

Despite efforts from both sides, people often find that their friendships change when one of them becomes a mother. It is inevitable really. For those who are mothers, the world has literally been turned upside down overnight. And friends, no matter how well meaning, will often find it very difficult to relate to or understand your change in circumstances.

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parent - motherhood - baby


The journey into motherhood can be one of the most exciting and daunting life transitions a woman will ever experience, especially for those expecting a baby for the first time. This pregnancy period will be a good time to learn about this new role that will bring the many challenges and adventures of motherhood and family life.

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Parent - post baby relationships

Post baby relationships

We all know that everything changes in your life after the arrival of baby, especially your relationship with your partner. How we cope with these changes will make a big difference to how your relationship continues to grow.

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new parent - stay at home

Stay At Home Moms

It’s fair to say that raising children is one of the most challenging but rewarding achievements we can accomplish in our lifetime. We would all vouch for that. But when it comes to the topic of whether moms should stay at home to care for their children or work outside the home, there is no consistent response. For there are just as many reasons why either staying at home or working is the right decision, the better option depends on each individual family.

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