Huggies® Extra Care Newborn

Mom’s 1st choice for gentle protection

The Huggies® Extra Care Newborn range provides our very best skin care and protection. With a unique runny poo pocket at the back of the diaper for extra leakage protection, and soft pillows that absorb runny poo in seconds.



product features

Nappy , prevent leaks

Special runny poo pocket helps prevent leakage
Nappy , wetness indicator , colour change

Wetness indicator changes colour when wet
Nappy, porus , breathable

Porous material that allows skin to breathe
Nappy , absorbant

Absorbs runny poo in seconds
Nappy , fasten tabs , customize fit

Fasten anywhere tabs for a customised fit
Nappy , umbilical cord cut out

Special umbilical cord cut-out