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Cost of having a baby

He says

I'm really lucky that my wife, Sara, is extremely switched on when it comes to finances. I, on the other hand, find it like sitting through a Martha Stewart marathon.

Between Sara, both families, and my one-day a week at home, we have managed to take care of Layla for the first 11 months without having to use Day Care. As a result, we have skipped that cost, and allowed Sara a couple of days a week to supplement the family income.

At least in the first year, the cost has been manageable. Aside from big-ticket items – cots, prams etc. – mashed up butternut and nappies (especially when bought online) isn't too much of a worry.

So, we made it through the pregnancy and birth, furnished ourselves with all the baby gear we could ever need – but almost one year in, my thoughts are already turning to school fees.

She says

Omar, there are some very good public schools!

Obviously Omar wants Layla in private school, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it… Like we say about Layla, “You have to pick and chose your battles”.

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