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Speed cleaning - how its done

Allocate cleaning time

There’s no escaping the fact that your home will not clean itself. In order to have some semblance of order and cleanliness you need to have a consistent management plan in place. As a rule of thumb you should allocate 20 minutes a day for speed cleaning a room in your home. This is separate to the daily tasks like the washing up or emptying of the rubbish bin. By allocating this time for cleaning, you’ll find yourself managing your time more efficiently.

You may find that the beginning of the day is the best time for you to speed clean, or it may be those final minutes after everyone has headed off to bed. You and your partner may even divide the room between you and get it cleaned in half the time! Pick a time that works best for you and the rhythm of your family and their needs.

Have the correct equipment

It’s worth investing in a decent storage bucket for your cleaning materials. In addition, you should also have a sturdy mop and effective vacuum cleaner. Without reliable equipment you will either have to work harder to get the finish you want or it will consistently let you down. Make your equipment work for you. Talk to friends and family about products and brands they trust and invest in the best materials you can.

In this day and age, it is also important to ensure that the products you are using will not cause allergic reactions and to avoid ones that may be potentially toxic. Make sure that when you are going round the house using cleaning products that your little one is unable to access them at all times. The bucket containing your equipment should be stored up high and out of reach when you are not using it.

Make sure you wash out your cloths after each use and keep track of when your cleaning supplies are running low. It can be very frustrating to be halfway through mopping a floor and run out of the polish you were using.

Have systems in place

There is no doubt that parenting can often mean following a trail of destruction your little one has created throughout the house. In order to help make the speed cleaning process more effective, get some clear plastic tubs and start storing toys and games in them. Label them clearly and once your little one is old enough, encourage them to start putting their things away themselves. De-cluttering will make the speed cleaning process far simpler. That way, when you are running the vacuum cleaner through the house you are less likely to swallow key puzzle items or trip over toys!

In addition, make sure family members are allocated tasks to help with speed cleaning as well. It is important that the burden of running the household doesn’t fall to one person. Everyone can help out, whether it is by folding and putting away laundry or being responsible for dusting certain rooms once a week.

Dress for speed

Dress for your speed cleaning. Wear old clothes that have seen better days. You are likely to work up quite a sweat so make sure you are wearing breathable fabrics. It’s also helpful to wear fully covered shoes while working. This reduces the chance of you slipping over on a wet surface and also means you are likely to mean you are more comfortable when you are cleaning at high speed.

By planning and sticking to a speed cleaning routine you will find yourself appreciating the advantages very quickly. By making it part of your daily life you will reap the benefits of having more time for yourself and doing the things you enjoy most, instead of being overwhelmed by the demands of the household.