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10 of the best make up tips for moms on the go

Make-up tip 2: Apply sunscreen daily

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on spending most of the day indoors or you think your sun exposure is limited. You would be surprised how much incidental sun exposure you can get just driving in your car or going to and from the shops. Avoid sun damage, wrinkles and potential skin cancers by using sunscreen every single day. Make sure you put it on at least 20 minutes before you leave the house so that it can penetrate your skin properly.

Make-up tip 3: Mascara is a must

The magic of good mascara is that it will make your eyes look larger and more vibrant. It is always safer and easier to apply mascara before you leave the house. Mascara can often leave traces on your eyelids and it is good to double check so you can remove any stray traces of it before you leave the house. This is a product that it is worth chatting with your over-the-counter beauty advisor about. If you have long thin lashes or short curly lashes there will be a type of mascara best suited to it. Choose the best one to suit your needs.

Make-up tip 4: Shape your brows

Always get a professional to do this for you. This is an appointment that is worth spending the time and money on. Your eyebrows are the frames for your face and deserve to be treated well. Take a photo of them immediately after your appointment so you know what they look like. Between appointments you can tweeze away any obvious strays. Use a brow pencil to gently help shape the brows on a daily basis and to help keep them neatly and clearly framed on your face.

Make-up tip 5: Aim for a dewy finish

The last thing many moms may feel like is dewy and fresh in the morning. A great beauty tip is to do your morning make up routine then spritz over it with a hydrating spray. It will give a lovely finish and glow to your make up.

Make-up tip 6: Vaseline around your eyes

If you are sleep deprived and fine lines are making an unwelcome appearance this is the perfect way to combat them. Simply gently apply Vaseline gently over the lines – that way your eyes will look glossy and plump rather than tired and lined.

Make-up tip 7: Use opposite shade eye shadows

Even if you are frantically applying eye-shadow in the car as you are racing from one place to another – this is an important rule to bear in mind: when it comes to the application of eye shadows the best tip is to go for shadows that are the opposite shade to your eye colour. It will make them ‘pop’ more. So if you have blue eyes, go for brown and gold shades. If your eyes are brown then blues and greens work well and green eyes look great with lilac and purple eye-shadow.

Make-up tip 8: Use fake tan

A fake tan is a great way to feel bronzed and glowing even when the opposite may be true. There are plenty of great home application kits available at your local pharmacy. Many products are all natural and will be safe for your skin and baby too. The trick is to make sure you exfoliate thoroughly before you apply it for a more even finish. Remember to wash your hands after use to minimise streaking.

Make-up tip 9: Use a silk pillowcase

This is a great make up tip because all you need to do is pop the case on your pillow and your work is done! Essentially a silk pillowcase doesn’t get the folds and creases that a cotton pillowcase does. This means your pillow will not strain your skin and will reduce the appearance of lines on your face.

Make-up tip 10: Dry shampoo your hair

Caring for your hair is just as much a part of your make up routine as applying sunscreen. If you are in a hurry and simply haven’t had time to wash your hair then dry shampoo is an excellent solution. It will soak up all the oil on your scalp and give your hair a fresh and clean-looking finish.