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Quick ironing tips for moms

It may seem obvious, but one practical way to minimise your ironing load is to buy items that don’t require ironing. When you are shopping for clothes take a minute to check the care instruction labels. It’s a simple way to trim the pile.

Huggies® Top Ironing Tips

Iron clothes when they are damp

It might not be convenient for you to start ironing clothes when they’re still in the process of drying, but it is the best time to do it. The heat will help to dry the fabric quickly and give a crisp and even finish to the garment.

Have a good ironing board and iron

It’s really helpful to have a well-padded ironing board that folds and unfolds easily. It can be incredibly frustrating if it doesn’t open and close easily. It is worth spending the money on having a reliable iron that does the job properly as well.

Have your equipment close at hand

If you are ironing dry clothes then invest in a good water spray and use it generously over the garment you are going to iron. If you are using a starch spray remember to spray lightly and to follow the instructions on the bottle closely.

Iron the wrong way up

Always iron fabric on the wrong side or use a pressing cloth in between the iron and garment to protect it. This will help stop the fabric from getting that shiny look.

Start low and build up

Always begin ironing with the garments that need ironing at the lowest temperatures and finish with the clothes that need the highest temperature. You are far less likely to mark delicate items by doing it this way.

Be gentle

Go gently round buttons, hooks and zippers and do not iron over them. The heat can cause them to melt and crack and ruin an otherwise perfect garment.

Careful with creases

When you are ironing a collar iron it from the points and go inward. Make sure to use short strokes and this will help you to avoid creasing. You need to iron the collar on the back and then the front in order to finish the process off properly.