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Bulk buying to save time and money

The reason bulk-buying outlets can save you so much money is because they tend to be located in places where rents are cheaper and by selling the items in large quantities, they save on the cost of individual labelling and packaging. This is then passed on to you the consumer. The other benefit of buying bulk is that it is kinder to the environment. It reduces the amount of packaging and waste used by individual households. 

Top tips for bulk buying

  • Rearrange your shelves and cupboards before you head out on a bulk-buying trip. That way you can realistically assess how much space you have for storing items you have bought in bulk. It’s worth noting down some rough measurements so you can do some comparisons in store to make sure you can fit the items on the shelves when you get home.

  • Check prices at your local stores before you buy them in bulk at an outlet. If the value is good then stock up accordingly.

  • If items including toilet rolls and paper towels offer good value for money then these are worth bulk buying. They have a pretty unlimited shelf life and are always going to be well-used in any household.

  • Stock up on canned goods such as beans and items like pasta in bulk. As well as being nutritious, these items take up fairly limited shelf space and have a long shelf life as well.

  • Avoid buying anything in bulk with a limited shelf life or short expiration date. Unless this is an item you know you are going to make good use of it simply isn’t worth your time or money. Check the labelling before you buy.