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How to swim in the pool


An afternoon of splashing around in the pool with your kids can be so much fun, with games, activities and just plain enjoyment being had by all. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. All children (especially under the age of 5) should be carefully supervised, this means an adult should be within an arm’s reach of any kids swimming in the pool. 

Remember too, that a day spent in the pool is also usually a day spent in the sun, so don’t forget to cover your child up with hats, T-shirts or rash vests and plenty of SPF 30+ sunscreen (you can go even higher if you like).

Fun things to do with kids in the pool

Babies enjoy pool games where they can explore, touch and blow bubbles. Aside from buying expensive pool toys, there are a number of games you can create that provide hours of pool fun.

When choosing the toys for your kids to play with in the pool, avoid squeaky or squirting ones as these can retain water, which will become stagnant and full of bacteria. It is however, essential to create an environment that is challenging, rewarding and stimulating. Choose colourful toys, make sure each game has a goal and your little one will be naturally drawn to explore the water.

These are a few ideas you can try to bring out the love of water in your toddler:

  • Sing and clap in the water; babies love noise and animation so seeing you interested and engaged will help them feel at ease in the pool.

  • Collect toys that float and sink for hunting and gathering. Getting your child to move around the pool in your arms picking up different items will help them keep their head above the water and build confidence.

  • Use items from the garden, such as the hose or a watering can to help make water fun around the edge of the pool, especially if your baby still lacks confidence going into the water.

  • Splashing is entertaining for everyone, especially your little one. Sometimes a great way to bridge being next to the water and in the water is by splashing

Getting used to having a good soaking can mean babies and young children don’t get as frightened when they are at the beach or the pool. And creating the soaking themselves is sure to please them!

All babies learn to swim at different stages in life, and confidence is largely dependent on time spent around water and practice in the pool. Don’t worry if your child loves the water one day and won’t even put on their Huggies® Little Swimmers the next, just be patient and make a game out of it every step of the way.