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Baby Equipment

One of the most exciting aspects of having a new baby will be welcoming it home and into your family. But, even if you subscribe to the most pared down and simplistic of home-making philosophies, there are some essentials you won’t be able to do without. Although your little one won’t care what baby equipment it has, life for you will be a lot easier if you have at least some of the basics organised.

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Baby - Baby Care - Baby Safety - Shopping Guide

Baby Safety Shopping Guide

You’re about to have a baby. There’s ample advice from friends, advertisers, your mom and even the lady you met in the supermarket aisle. But how do you really know what is absolutely necessary when there always seems so much, well, stuff to buy. How do you ensure your child is comfortable and safe, without breaking the bank by buying items you’ll never really use?

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Baby - Baby Care - Buy For Baby

Buy For Baby

Buying for a baby opens up a whole new world of shopping opportunities. If you’ve never had the pleasure before, you are in for a lovely time. At first you’re likely to find the sheer range and choice almost overwhelming, apart from being impossibly cute

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Baby - Baby Care - New Born Needs

For Your Newborn

As an expectant mom we know that you care about the quality and softness of a nappy on your new baby’s delicate skin. That’s why Huggies Newborn Nappies are designed especially for newborn babies.

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Baby - Baby Care - High Chairs

High Chairs

Around six months of age, as your child develops their neck strength, they are ready to comfortably go into a high chair when it’s time to eat. But how do you know what the best chair is for your baby or toddler? With so many models on the market, ranging in prices, parents are overwhelmed with choices. Finding the right product for your needs and budget has never been harder.

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Baby - Baby Care - Important Decisions

Important Decisions

As the time to deliver your baby approaches, there are lots of important decisions you’ll be faced with. You can make some of the decisions about what your baby needs in advance, while others may not go according to plan. But it’s a good idea to take time to think about some of these things and talk them over with your partner.

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Baby - Baby Care - Baby Equipment

Top baby names

Are you starting to think about what name you’re going to give your little one? Well, maybe we can help with a bit of inspiration.

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